Welcome to my premium BDSM furniture store

After 5 years from the moment of our life together with my husband, when ordinary sex and role-playing games became uninteresting, my husband created something like a chair with many ways to hold parts of the body and we were delighted with what happened. Functionality and visual appearance were not perfect, but it did its work, you understand what I'm talking about (smiley)

Over time, we began to improve these designs and it turned out pretty good and productive, thanks to the higher technical education of her husband.
Absolutely everything we do ourselves. We design the aluminum structure ourselves. Initially, the designs were very large and not collapsible, but over time, we came to the conclusion that everything is disassembled to the smallest bolt and takes up minimal space in the cabinet. All leather products are also made by us personally, with the help of our friend Andrei. All accessories that are used on belts are very high quality, brought straight from Italy

In more detail, I will be happy to be able to tell you in private messages and answer all questions


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